All adverts require approval before they appear on this page.

Player & Team Advertisements

Players may wish to advertise:
  • when looking for a Team;
  • Hockey gear for sale (private sales);
  • Lost and found; etc.


Teams might also advertise here for:
  • new players;
  • specialist players - goalkeepers, etc;
  • managers and coaches; etc.
If you would like to respond to an advert, tap the envelope below the poster's name to send them an email.

Posting an advert

It's very easy to post your own advert. Keep it brief and to the point. Do not enter your add more than once - your advert will not appear immediately. Allow 24hrs (at least) for your ad to appear. Detailed instructions are at the bottom of this page. Use the following "Start your Advert" link:
Tap to: << Start your Advert >>

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How to place your Advert

To place an ad, click the "Start your Advert" link near the top of this page with the following in mind:

  1. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed
  2. You must correctly enter your email address so that you can be contacted
  3. Complete the maths (mathematical) verification question before clicking the "Submit" button

Please keep your ad brief and to the point. Once submitted, your advert will not immediately be visible as it awaits Association approval. Please allow up to 24 hrs. Avoid posting your advert more than once. Ads for trade and businesses will not be approved. Please advise us when your advert is no longer required. We hope you find this page useful!

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