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Chrissy Dobbs
20 Oct 2018
I've just moved over from the UK and am keen to join a seniors indoor hockey team. I played field hockey for about 15 years but haven't played for 12 so am very rusty. I would like to give indoor hockey a go
17 Oct 2018
Looking for an U13 or strong U11 for a current boy only div 9 team. A girl would be welcome to join if she didn’t mind playing with only boys. RSVP for more info.
Sarah Agnew
12 Oct 2018
Looking for a juniors team for my 2 daughters ages 12 (13 in December) and 14
Looking for fun and for the love of the game
11 Oct 2018
Keen to play indoor hockey for Seniors if any team is falling short of players.I play sticker.0403424624
Letitia Kennedy
08 Oct 2018
Year 7 Daughter looking for a team, she is nearly 13, will be in December. Looking for a fun social team to join and start hockey. P,ease email or call.

Thank you.
Andrew Percy
02 Oct 2018
Have a son looking for an opportunity to play in a J1-3 team on a Sunday afternoon. Happy to play in a link or striker role. Has a decent skill set including speed. Was unable to play field this year due to injury but is now 100% and keen to get back on the court. Represented Qld U13 in Indoor 2017. Currently 14 years old.
Melissa Hall
02 Oct 2018
We have some spaces available on a womens' Div 4 team if there is anyone still looking to join, we do have some juniors playing senior also. Friendly, social teams.
John Lee
26 Sep 2018
I have a team of boys U13 and U11 where we lost some players and looking for one more player. Girls/boys any age welcome. Our team is Sky Blue J7 playing on Sunday afternoon on larger field.
20 Sep 2018
my daughter is interested in playing indoor hockey this season in any of the J teams is there are anyone looking for a player? she played JT2 this year.
17 Sep 2018
looking to join a J1 team. Previous indoor experience
17 Sep 2018
I have a 13 year old Daughter keen to play indoor this season. She has had 4 years outdoor experience playing in an u13 comp. My daughter has usually played at fullback or Goal Keeper. She hasn't played indoor before. If you need an extra player and you think she would fit your needs, please let me know
12 Sep 2018
Looking for GK for Div 2 mens team.

Also still seeking 2+ junior players for Div 2 (pref)or 3 junior team.

Please rsvp for more info.
Becky Johnson
05 Sep 2018
Hi there! I'm looking to join a social mixed team when the indoor season starts. Is anyone looking for an extra player? Cheers, Becky.
abby vantaggiato
05 Sep 2018
New to the area, looking for a team in div 1 indoor :)
Havent played indoor before, but played div 1 in field.
04 Sep 2018
We are looking for 2-3 girls to join a team with 5 other 10-11 year old girls.
We may have a possible keeper and if I can get her would be looking at 2 more.
The team played in U11As this year for Arana Ascot.
Please contact me if interested so i can look at organising the team.
03 Sep 2018
Looking for 2-3 juniors for a div 2 junior team. At least one striker is required. Ability to play more then one role a plus.
03 Sep 2018
Hi, I’m looking for 1or 2 people to join our team. We’re looking to play in J6. Current team is all girls ranging from 12 to 14 with a dedicated goalie. Thanks
ross hall
03 Sep 2018
At present there are 3-4 players who are looking for a team. Looking at trying to form a composite junior team on dual court to meet this need. If you are looking for a team say 12 years + please reply
30 Aug 2018
Hi. I am looking to join a senior ladies team for div 3,4 or 5. Let me know if you are short and looking for a player.
Doug Haslam
30 Aug 2018
My daughter Mikaela has played indoor for at least 7 or 8 years and needs a women's team to play in the senior competition. She is 17 plays Div 2 and 3 in Field Hockey has represented in both Field and Indoor for Brisbane.
Sara Davidson
26 Aug 2018
Hi, I have played indoor hockey for the last 5 years with junior teams and am keen to join a senior team.
Clara O'Brien
21 Aug 2018
Hello, I have two daughters, aged 15 and 16 who would like to try indoor hockey. Neither of them have played hockey before but they have played many other sports and are keen to learn. We live in the Kalinga (Wooloowin) area; very close to KSH. Thanks!
Sharon Cosier
17 Aug 2018
My daughter Layla is keen to learn how to play indoor Hockey. Layla is 14 & loves team sports. She plays soccer and has done for 3 years. Layla also played futsal last year and enjoyed the face pace of the game. Layla is a fast learner and loves to run. We live in Kenmore but are not concerned if we need to travel out of the area.
Sharon cosier

Charlotte Dale
14 Aug 2018
Josh (7) and James (8) are looking for a team to join. This will be their first season of indoor hockey.

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