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Players may advertise:
  • when looking for a Team;
  • Hockey gear for sale (private sales);
  • Lost and found; etc.
Teams may advertise for:
  • new players;
  • specialist players, goalkeepers;
  • managers and coaches; etc.

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Paul Lupton
 Lupton_family(at)hotmail(dot)com  16 Nov 2020
Picked up one clear face mask by mistake after 3pm game. Rosie Wroe looks like the name on it?? My mobile is 0410 217 664.
 ivonspereira(at)gmail(dot)com  04 Nov 2020
Hi I am 40 looking for a spot in your team. I play sticker.
 ivonspereira(at)gmail(dot)com  04 Nov 2020
My son is 11 looking for a spot in a team . He is a sticker.
Karen Ingram
 slikar(at)tpg(dot)com(dot)au  17 Oct 2020
My 14 year old son is looking to join an indoor team. Has played indoor for the past 2 yrs in div 4&5. Has played outdoor for 4;yrs. Current club doesn’t have a team suitable for him. Let me know if anyone needs a player.
Ross Hall
 rccsdehall(at)bigpond(dot)com 14 Oct 2020
Social Indoor Hockey
Even though the men’s season is still running Social Indoor is set to restart this Saturday afternoon (17 October) at 4:00 pm. Please be there around 3:45 pm and be ready to start around 4:00 pm when the rep training/selections finish. The venue is Indoor Sports Hall of the Kedron State High School.

This is aimed at having some fun hockey;
teams are picked on the day;
no penalty corners;
cost is $5.00.

It is mixed senior hockey so fathers and mothers can show their daughters and sons how to play by playing with or against each other.

Shin pads and mouth guards are required.

Please pass around to other players who may be interested.

Note that it will not be played on 31 October as the school hall is in use.

Tap the envelope icon to email an Official with your queries.
Peter Halvorson
 peter(dot)halvorson(at)hutchies(dot)com(dot)au  12 Oct 2020

I'm looking for an indoor team to join for the Thursday Night Comp at Kedron. I currently play div 5 masters am 52 and am a striker.
Nicky Aldridge
 Nicky_aldridge(at)yahoo(dot)com  08 Oct 2020
My 13 year old daughter is looking to join a team. She hasn’t played indoor netball before but is very sporty and plays a lot of netball. Please let me know if you are looking for someone extra to join your team.
 walleraj99(at)gmail(dot)com  08 Oct 2020
Hi. Looking for a team to play for to keep my skills and fitness up during the off season for field hockey. I play div 2 & 1 in Brisbane. Thanks.
hasantha jasinarachchi
 hasantharanja(at)gmail(dot)com  07 Oct 2020

I've recently relocated to brisbane, looking to play indoor hockey in div 1-2 or 3-5, looking for a team, used to play outdoor div 1-2 hockey in vic . i'm 39 years old .
my contact number 0451829653 - Has
Kelly Ryan
 ausrhino(at)hotmail(dot)com  03 Oct 2020
It has been a few years since I played, I am 46 years old and looking to play again since moving back to Brisbane
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